True Originality means incorporating Vintage into your life

True Originality means incorporating Vintage into your life

I’ve never not worn used clothing. It’s just the way I grew up dressing… There are so many elements to it that make perfect but sense to me but the truth is it's just what I’ve always know.


I grew up with the woman I refer to as my magical aunt Lizzy. Lots of you have heard of her and some have even met her! (More about Lizzy to come cause believe us when we say she is LEGENDARY) Lizz owns a women's resale store and has been in the business for over 40 years. We could basically say Porter Vintage started the very first time she sent me a box that, upon opening, transported me to a world of fabulous textures and sparkles and make believe and fun!


One of our classic family stories is the time Lizz sent a box containing wild 80s pieces (think biggg shoulder pads and puff paint) that were definitely on the sexually suggestive side (mind you I’m 6 years old at the time) and my mom wanted to kill her… I LOVE hearing lizz tell that one. So anyway, Porter Vintage essentially started as a dress up box that I got to share with my friends… and now it's a very similar thing right?! Definitely still a magical and creative experience. Perhaps a bit more refined:)

(baby Katie)

So yes- I grew up in secondhand clothing… over my lifespan I’ve become accustomed to the higher quality of clothing that was made earlier (I pretty much only wear natural fibers these days) and what it’s like getting to create my personal style from a wide selection of eras and aesthetics, (as opposed to one style reproduced in colors and styles etc) It's definitely a unique way of developing one’s personal style and closet that forces a certain type of creativity and open mindedness.

I had times, especially high school and college, when I didn't want to wear used clothing or at least didn't want my friends to know that what I was wearing was secondhand. These were the days of… THE MALL… and Abercrombie and American Eagle and Bebe and Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 thongs… but most of what I wore was secondhand (amazing stuff) or from Ross (your girl has always loved a bargain #gotitfrommymama )… glad I grew out of that weird (but understandable given the times) insecurity and so stoked that we're in a time when it's not just acceptable to dress used or vintage but trendy!

The kids love to thrift!! We have our shoppers who have shopped vintage for years and we have those who are new to the game! I love meeting people who say things like ‘I made a New Year’s resolution to only buy used.’ That’s awesome for so many reasons! It takes practice and we’re here to help!! And learn! We’ve got some seriously stylish shoppers (I see you babes) and we’re taking notes too. They know what they're looking for and I love watching them shop and surprise me with their selections. And we have our shoppers who are new to shopping used and want some guidance … we are here for all of you.

It's so fun when you can tell somebody is new to wearing secondhand clothing and just encourage them to try things. Try new things!! That’s definitely something I learned from Lizzy (and Carrie Bradshaw). A lot of vintage designer pieces are made so incredibly well than when it actually hits your body those lines are magic. I’ve definitely had the joy of watching people come into their own personal style.

Lately I’ve been styling clients for vacations which, let me tell you, is dreamy af. I have shoppers whose personal styles have evolved shopping with Porter and they’ve shared with me how much we’ve meant in their lives… Hearing the impact we've had as a business and community in somebody's life, it makes me unimaginably happy.  And we get to watch people bond over the vintage shopping experience!!! Friends make dates and meet each other to shop at the popup- and I’ve seen people meet and become friends! Folks will stop on the street to compliment an outfit they see someone trying on… There's this whole element of warmth and community that comes from being in the pop-ups.  We get to watch you experience the same joy in shopping vintage that we do!!

So it's majorly exciting to be re-launching the website because we will be bringing that sense of joy and community into our online offerings! I’m so excited to have our CMO Summer Kellogg guiding us in this Porter digital journey; we have wonderful and exciting treats coming for ya bbs!!! And some very special web exclusive collections. I love my clothes. And I love investing in pieces I know I’ll wear and cherish and have some wild times in! I love our Porter besties and love making new ones every weekend! I love this vintage life and I love watching y’all WEAR EPIC SHIT!!



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