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PORTER Vintage Blog

Hello Everyone,


We're glad you could join us. We're here because of you. You've created this community at the POP up that is EXPLOSIVE. Everyone (by everyone, we mean the world) says that the true San Francisco has died. That it's just a tech town. But we politely disagree. It's full of individuals, full of wonder, mystery and artists. We may not pack a punch like New York, but the style in the Mission would rival any goddamn fashion week we've ever seen (and we've been to a few). Only our people aren't out to just be photographed for some fancy show. They are out living their lives. Maybe getting a coffee or a street taco. What's the point here Summer?


We'd like to celebrate that. AND offer a platform to find the treasures you need to dress your best HERE on PORTERVintage.com.


We look forward to bringing you looks to make moments in. After all, fashion is not just clothes we put on, it's livable art. So wear that shit today. DON"T WAIT. Don't wait for the occasion or the right moment. Put it on and get outside. See you out there.




Chief Marketing Officer and your photographer

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