Jewelry Workshops

Book a jewelry workshop with KIPorterSanFrancisco!

I also run jewelry workshops!

In the workshop you get access to my wild and fun collection of charms and beads and a step by step hands on tutorial on how to design and assemble unique pieces of jewelry using professional tools and all repurposed materials. I’ll give some specific instructions but you’ll find your own artist emerge. It’s a wonderful time with friends, coworkers, family or strangers and you watch your creations take shape and represent the unique you.


best for ages 8and up


depending on your location

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am-3pm

Saturdays 9am-9pm

Contact us for availibilty outside these hours


We come to you- your home, a park. You tell us where and we’ll be there


$150 for 3 people within San Francisco. Additional $30 per person