Hello and welcome beauties!

My name is Katie Porter and I am the collector and creator behind KIPorterSanFrancisco.

I’m a Bay Area native, born in SF. I currently live in the mission district with my dog Lady (who stars in many photo shoots).

I’ve been collecting beads since I can remember- early on I discovered I loved taking apart my moms broken jewelry and searching thrift stores for more jewelry to disassemble so I’d have new and unusual beads to work with.

My love of making jewelry was interwoven with my desire to rearrange and beautify whatever I could get my hands on...

whether it was creating little alters all over my room with shells and toys or putting together wild outfits from my mom’s closet.

I’m also blessed to have grown up with my magical aunt Lizzie. This fabulous woman owns a high end consignment shop in Scottsdale Arizona, so as a little girl rather than cheap boas and Mardi Gras beads my costume chest was full of couture.

I know, I’m a lucky kid. The bond I share with my aunt is one of my greatest blessings- we spend days getting excited about design and creative business ideas. She’s my mentor, teacher, and cheerleader in this journey.

Long story short the  costume chest of my early days has morphed into an incredible inventory of gorgeous and unique vintage pieces which I am here to share with you!

Here you’ll find both vintage gems and my own one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I also offer jewelry making workshops and I LOVE designing custom pieces. Please check out the custom order page and workshop page of the site for specifics :)

I love jewelry and clothing. I love finding unlikely combinations and helping others find fun ways to wear used and repurposed treasures.

I enjoy following fashion trends and I love the cyclical nature of fashion, but I’m a firm believer that if it feels good it looks good, and you love it, then it’s in. I find that my aesthetic is mirrored in my jewelry and curated collection of clothing and accessories.

I hope you enjoy my collection and I look forward to helping you feel fabulous!